Another Day at the Zoo

We had such a great time last year, we thought we do it all over again.  With Uncle Jason and Nicole, my munchkins and I spent a fun filled first of August at the zoo.  What I’ve realised is that in this short span of 9months, the kids have lost some of their baby-ness and are turning into little children.

That was taken last year in December and this year in August, they seem to have grown so much :p  Maybe it’s just me.

And my nephew has taken to not smiling in photos … at least in this one he isn’t closing his eyes, which is his thing right now.  The adults though barely changed … or that’s what we hope :p

This was us from December 2009, while the following was from last week.

Below is Uncle Jason with the kids, on the left is the one from December 2009 and the right is from the 1st of August 2010.

Can’t wait for the next visit to the zoo … especially now that we’re Friends of the Zoo I’m going to bet it’ll be more than once a year 😉  The thing about the Singapore Zoo, you can’t help but be impressed … and I’m not particularly fond of zoos but I do think the Singapore Zoo tries their very best.   I don’t know about the kids but I’m already planning for our next visit … maybe in September 🙂

2 thoughts on “Another Day at the Zoo

  1. I love the pix and the comparisons! Hahahaha have they grown or what and dear Aunty Carl is looking ravishingly more ravishing! 🙂

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