No siree, I’m not a mother … not yet anyway.  Meanwhile, I’m watching a new drama series – Parenthood.  Think Brothers and Sisters with little people.  I guess it’s speaking to me on various levels … mostly, reflecting on the job my parents did on my sister and me.  I’ve always known I’ve got cool parents, a lot of people, my friends and cousins included would agree.  By most standards, they would win the Best Parents award hands down but I never realised their uber coolness until they became parents-in-law.

Being an in-law is tough and being a parent-in-law takes grace and elegance that I’m so grateful I can learn from while watching my parents in action.  One has no choice to love your own children and you have a chance of molding them into little you but with children-in-laws, you had no part in their upbringing and you actually don’t have to love them.  So when I watch my parents and my husband, I can’t help but be amazed at the patience they extend to each other, the open minds to learn from one another and the open hearts to be the best support they can be.

Times like these I don’t know if I have what it takes to be a parent – the ability to love unconditionally and be the safety net so that your children and children-in-law alike can have the freedom to make the choices you never had the luxury to do.  Lord knows I have big shoes to fill when I do become a parent 🙂

Thank you HEAPS Daddy and Mummy!!!  Love you both LOTS LOTS LOTS 🙂

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