Toy Story 3

It’s nice to have good friends who think of you when they mess up on a cinema booking 😉  That way, my munchkins and I had a nice surprise of catching Toy Story 3 on Saturday morning.  Thank you, Uncle Jason!!

I completely enjoyed the film.  It was much better than Toy Story 2 and I can’t wait for the DVD!!  My munchkins, on the other, wasn’t quite as enamoured.  Their verdict – too scary :p I can see how through their eyes it can be quite scary … after all, dolls coming to life and abused ones at that doesn’t make for a relaxed bedtime.  For their Pixar crazed Aunt, she was thrilled to bits.  You can imagine her excitement when her other favourite Studio Ghibli character made a cameo.

Yes, in the left had side, that’s Totoro!!!  I actually nearly let a squeal out when I first saw him on screen.  Yes, two of the greatest animation characters on screen together in the same film, Totoro and Woody.  I can’t wait for my toys to come out of storage and put by side by side too 🙂  I digress.

Back the film, the story made the toys seem timeless with a plot that will touch the child in you.  So yes, enough action, drama and comedy for the whole family.  I loved it so much, I’m planning to watch it again :p

That’s my way of saying even if you ever played with toys and loved any one of them, you’ll enjoy this film 🙂