Camp Pong

Amidst my babysitting duties last weekend, I took out an hour and a half to try my hand at Ping Pong.  I don’t ever recall actually playing ping pong ever in my life … maybe once in primary school :p  Anyway, back to last Sunday … it was not bad … took me a while to get into it but once I did, I could actually appreciate what an intense workout it could possibly be.  Although, mine was hardly the work out :p

Here’s the two who are responsible for getting the rest of us into a seemingly 1960s trend.  Why does table tennis seem 1960s to me, I’ll never figure out :p  Anyway, these two are serious enough to get their own bats and are actually participating in a ping pong league!!!  Hang on, I think it’s just Tommy so if you have nothing to do on 10th July, you can check him out during the heats at Camp Pong :p  They even managed to get Shannon, Mr Ping-pong-is-a-gay-game-no-thank-you, to check it all out.

That picture was taken just minutes after they arrived.  While he does look uninterested, the game managed to intrigue him enough to pick up the bat once or twice 🙂

Other than picking up ping pong, I was reminded how different girls and boys are.  The guys true to their competitive nature, played games where scores were kept and a winner declared.

The girls, we were just happy to keep the ball bouncing back and forth.  There were no rules, no scores, just the fun of hitting the ball in the right place so that the other girl can hit it right back 🙂

Yes, our spectators weren’t very into the game when the girls were playing.

That said, the boys were sweet enough to play the game girl style when they were playing with one of us and kept their cavemen tactics targeted solely at each other 🙂

Will I go back? $10 buys you 2 paddles, 3 balls and half an hour.  Not ludicrously expensive and with the right crowd, it is quite fun 🙂  The place even offers champagne at about $160 a pop so if you want to throw a ping pong party, you know where to go.  Meanwhile, anyone who’s up for a round of ping pong can give me a call 🙂

3 thoughts on “Camp Pong

  1. Oh wow. I loved PP when I was young cus my bros played quite a bit and back in the 70s and 80s (hahahha dun know about it being a 60s game) there was a PP table under many HDB flats including mine. Sadly I sucked at the game. We were so crazy we even turned our rectangle dinning table into a PP table after dinners. 🙂

    Pann and his guy buddies are pretty good at this game esp Victor. I would love to throw a PP party one of these days. Where is this place? 🙂

  2. It’s at that new Scape hang out place!! I’d love to see Pann and the gang go out at it too!! Ping Pong Party!!!

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