A Date on Saturday Night

By any standard, the date I had last Saturday was a really good one.  Yes, my husband has left for Vancouver and when he does, I get naughtier than usual 😉  By that I mean, I have a little more time for adult girly action … and by that, I mean a nice long dinner at Michelangelo’s with a dear dear friend.

The initial plan was to catch up on work in the office but I’ve found out that being back on a Saturday is not an environment for optimal efficiency.  For one, the air conditioning hasn’t been on the whole day so the air was stale and uncomfortable.  For another, it’s completely loser-ville to be in the office on a Saturday night.  So when Resh asked if I wanted to do dinner, I reckoned that it must a sign 🙂

We met, shared a really good meal and just talked and talked and talked.  So yes, it would be defined as a very good date, which reminded me that I’m going to have to reinstate date night with my husband when he gets home.  Life has a tendency to get crazy without you realising it and before you know it years have passed and you don’t know the person you’re married to anymore.  It happens to the worse of us and the very best of us.

Before you get married, because you don’t live together, you make plans to meet.  Once you’re married and live in the same house, it’s so easy to think being in the same room would suffice as spending time together and sure, it can.  However, it’s always nice to get out of your comfort zone, try something new and talk.  For me that’s why I’ve always enjoyed dating, the finding out about each other and sharing your thoughts and opinions.  Sure, my husband and I have been together for 8 years now and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard most of his stories, some of them more than once :p but I’m also sure, we have to be creating new ones together.

So that’s on my to do when he gets home.  Time for more dates.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to take your other half on a date and hey, any where interesting I can bring my husband when he comes back home?