The A-Team

I was on msn with Jules the other night and she mentioned that my posts are mostly about kids. Yes, lately my life has been consumed with the loves of my life, my munchkins. Every once and a while though, you need to make room for things a little adult and the The A-team movie is one such thing.

For starters, Mr George Clooney move over because Mr Bradley Cooper is in the house. This man is hot in a suit and more so topless, which was rather often in the movie. When my husband comes back from Vancouver, I’m going to see if I can get him to grow his hair out and sport a close shaven beard ala Face from the movie :p So yes, all you girls who reckon it’s a a boring action pack boys movie, you have NO IDEA what you’re missing.

Other than that, it’s simply just that – an action pack boys movie. Mindless entertainment, perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon 🙂 I loved how they managed to keep to the essence of the TV series yet make it relevant for 2010. It isn’t thought provoking drama but it was so so so fun 🙂 I suspect this is the new Ocean’s 11 where boys get together and have fun doing boys stuff so I suspect there’s going to be more than just one sequel.

And just for Bradley Cooper, Resh, if you’re reading this, I would so watch this again with you 🙂