Resorts World Sentosa

If I wasn’t there with my munchkins, my review of the place would be a lot less satisfactory :p  In a nutshell and no offence intended, it’s a little bit of Malaysia here in Singapore but because I was there with my munchkins, all three of them, it was GREAT!!!

That’s my three munchkins with my cousin and my cousin-in-law … is there such a term?  Anyway, it’s two weekends ago now, on the day after Vesak day, we found ourselves checking into the Festive Hotel at Resorts World Sentosa.  Don’t trust the pictures on the the website the room is way smaller than it looks :p  The thing that worked for me though was that my munchkins loved it.  So despite the fact that they didn’t have room service and wouldn’t bring me enough fresh towel, I’d cut them some slack.

The weekend was all about them and me getting my kid overload 🙂  That’s code for yes, I had fun, loads of it.  There’s nothing like being surrounded by the innocent laughter of children that reminds you why you have them.

The first day was spent checking in, hanging out in the room and seeking Jonah out at Palawan beach.  Nope, I haven’t got my camera yet and so I didn’t manage any pictures on the beach.  Auntie Daph, if you’re reading this, pictures please 🙂  Then it was dinner … where we thought we’d take the train to Vivo but the line up to the train was impossible and the other beef I have about RWS is the lack of decent eateries :p  Seriously it is not a reflection on what Singapore offers as a food haven.

Thankfully come bedtime, I was enjoying the hanging out with my munchkins and preparing them for bed.

There’s something about being able to smell their little heads as they doze off.  Maybe it’s just me but that’s my favourite thing to do, sniffing their little heads :p

Day 2 had us visiting Universal Studios Singapore!!  Advice to parents of little children, don’t bother till they are bigger.  If not for my cousin and my nephew, the number of rides you could go on were limited at best :p

With our express passes in hand, we were enjoying the rides and making through the park quick 🙂  So we had the afternoon to check the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel … because the pool at the Festive wasn’t ready!?!?!  I can’t believe they opened the hotel … …

I happy with the afternoon coz I managed to get this shot of the sisters.  How often does one get a picture of two kids looking into the camera at the same time?  Not often, that’s why I love this picture 🙂

I hope the two of them share what my sister and I have.  There’s something about being sisters.  Unless you have one, you don’t quite understand how there’s this other being who gets you better than anyone else, is the very same one who can also drive you crazy better than anyone else too 🙂  My sister and I are the only sister pair from our generation and I wonder if they’ll be for theirs?  We’ll see … if I have my way I have a pair of girls too 😉

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend away.  We had so much fun, we want to plan for more … that’s why we work!!  As Daph reminded me the other day, we work so that we make enough money to play 😉

Till the next getaway 🙂

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