Catch Up for May

Thank you and a big HUG to everyone who checks in nearly everyday and truly why I keep this blog going.  I’ve been slack with my blog … it has been that busy.

May F.L.E.W by, literally so quickly that I can’t quite believe it’s June.  Half of 2010 has vanished before my very eyes and I’m not quite sure what I did with it :p  Actually if I sat down and thought about it, I did quite a bit.  Most of which was spent with my munchkins 🙂  Every since they moved closer to where I live, I see them a lot more often and in the last month nearly every week *happy happy joy joy dance*

That’s pictures I took in early May … through this post you’ll see how fast these little ones grow and why I’m so so so grateful to be living in the digital age where a lot that’s happening around us can be captured for all eternity :p  We do simple things like go for ice cream, hang out at the playground to more adventurous outings like plays, birthday parties and farm visits.  I’ve found out that it really doesn’t matter where we are, as long as there’s an element of play, we’re having fun 🙂

So May started out with birthday parties galore from Kaitlyn’s to Ribbon’s to Jonah’s.  The Geralds aka Daddy and Mummy Cheng sure know how to throw a birthday party that kids love.  With a bouncing castle, always a hit with the little ones, to one of those balloon twisty aunties who amazed even the adults, we all had fun 🙂

Among the company of little people whom I completely adore, I also found time to catch up with big people 🙂  There’s nothing like having the kids make friends and be able to play with each other, that just leaves us pockets of time to catch up.

With Gerie, who was busy busy busy at her daughter’s birthday do, we even managed to find time on Vesak day to have an all girls’ night out and caught SATC 2 and dinner.  So ladies, we have to plan one for June 🙂

Ribbon’s Part 2 birthday party, yes, kids have so many friends nowadays that parties are split up over a couple of days!!  My munchkins met Ribbon for the first time.  I love it when the little people in my lives get together *clap clap*  There’s was a funny magician and even a treasure hunt of sorts.  Kids birthday parties sure aren’t like the ones I grew up with.  What would I give to be 30 years younger?  I bet my Daddy’s thinking, what would he give to be 50 years younger 😉

My favourite bit about Ribbon’s birthday was seeing her little brother Tomi.  He is such a cutie!!!

Then there was Jonah’s part 2 birthday party too!!  Where Mummy Daph tried to go old school with a kite flying party at West Coast 🙂  It’s been like forever since I flew a kite … ok, honestly, I don’t know if I ever successfully launched a kite before and I have to report I didn’t manage one at the party too :p  Back to little Jonah who turns 3.  He was born just one day before my wedding, which explains why his Mummy wasn’t at my wedding and I never made it to the hospital to visit them.  I won’t forget the day Daph came to my cube and pointed to her little tummy and told me Pusan would be her last work trip for a while 🙂  Seems like yesterday and now her little Jonah is 3!!!

The party was a success by my niece’s standard because she made a new friend 🙂  According to Mummy Daph, Jonah likes her too!!

Since then, they met to hang out at Marina Barrage, Palawan beach at Sentosa and their first visit to a goat farm.  It’s cute when kids connect and have conversations we aren’t a part of 🙂  That same day we welcomed a new baby into the world too!!  The little prince of Jun and Nesh!!

Where the kids had more fun hanging out with each other and my nephew had fun playing big brother to Yus’ little princess, Mishal who I dare say is going to break hearts when she’s older.  Here’s a picture of her that my niece took.

That just pretty much covers half the things I did with my munchkins.  We also caught the movie, Ironman 2 together, hung out at Marina Barrage with Nicole and Jonah, caught another play, Antonie & The Paper Aeroplane, more play dates with Jonah and Nicole to the farms and we even checked out the Festive Hotel and Universal Studios Singapore together.  Yes, it was a kid filled month of May for me 🙂  Will update more once I get the pictures from Mummy Daph and Daddy Jason.  Yep, I haven’t got a replacement camera yet.  These pictures, except for the ones from Ribbon’s birthday, were taken off my nifty iPhone.  It’s not perfect but it does the job 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m not quite sure what I’ll do if I didn’t have my munchkins 🙂  So much so, we’ve made plans to watch Shrek this Tuesday.  It is after all the June holidays 😉

Hope that makes up for the dearth of posts in May.  Stay tune for more updates and thank you again for checking in!!

2 thoughts on “Catch Up for May

  1. Hi HI! Shrek 4 was good! Well, compared to the dismal part3. Super can’t wait for Toy Story 3!!!!!! Do you think we can plan one together with your munchkins and my monkeys?? 🙂 Who knows, maybe even throw in Gerie’s princesses! 🙂

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