Pixar Exhibition

When something as history making as Pixar is in town, you check it out.  That’s what Daryl and I did when we were invited to the official opening of the exhibition here in Singapore.  Just like when I visited the Ghibli Museum in Japan, the exhibition reminded me why the craft of animation never fails to inspire me 🙂

The end product is always a delight to be a part of but it’s the process that helps one appreciate the end product even more.  So to see the different versions of Sulley or all the concept art from Cars, makes you wonder about all the work that goes to making the magic happen.  I really enjoyed it so much that I’m planning to go back.  Yep, all by myself and slowly walk the hall 🙂

That’s my plug for the exhibition 🙂  If for nothing else, go for the Toy Story Zoetrope.  It will enthralled even those who couldn’t care less for the craft.

It isn’t the best picture of me but the only one I got from my iPhone :p  When I get the other pics from Erv, I’ll post them up.  My only advice is to make sure the person who you ask to take your pictures know what he is doing.  If not you get pictures like the former i.e. you are not ready when they click or the next one …

Where they think Sulley and Mike aren’t worthy to be in the picture :p

P/S: Happy Earth Day!!!