Just One More Sleep

I knew MIPTV was going to fly by but honestly, I’m not quite sure I understand what happened in the last 3 days.  That’s my way of saying, it completely F.L.E.W. by.  It’s one more night, a couple more meetings tomorrow and then it’s so long Cannes … for how long, I’m not quite sure.  I still remember the first time I came to Cannes for MIPCOM in 2001.  9 whole years ago.  At some level it feels like a really long time ago and on another level, I remember it like it was yesterday 🙂  The 26 year old ready to make her mark in the animation landscape gave way to a 35 year old who despite everything still loves the craft and when she’s walking through the halls of the exhibition, quietly prays that what’s happening around her doesn’t kill the very industry she hopes to return to some day.

With a major deal closed and a couple of announcements released, this MIPTV went as I much as I could hope for.  It can always be worse, right?  Now it’s the aftermath that I’m not so sure about … we’ll find out in 6months time … some how I really really hope I’m proven wrong.

Despite the back to back meetings and the intense rush of the past 3 days, I really can’t complain.  I had my fair share of Orangina :p  I hope my husband isn’t reading this and yes, I know we have it in Singapore too but there’s something about being in France that motivates me to drink this fizzy orange drink.  Why?  I’m not quite sure myself but every trip I make to Cannes, I have to drink it like it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world :p

Strangely, once I’m home, I don’t touch the drink with a ten foot pole.  Go figure :p

Then there are my friends 🙂  It’s really great to have people who get you, support you and actually care about the same things as you do.  So for our last night in Cannes, we went to our favourite pasta place.  A place I’ve been to at least once every year since 2001.

It is a really good pasta place and we saved it for our last night, which was extra special because we celebrated Daryl’s 30th birthday!!  He’s the one next to me.  Happy Birthday, dear Daryl!!  If I had a little brother, he’d be you 🙂

I really couldn’t have ask for a better person to share the pain, the laughter, the tears and joy of developing the Singapore animation industry with.  That is a tad melodramatic but I’m feeling all emotional as I type this, sitting alone in my little French apartment, sipping tea and being all grateful for Daryl who truly gives all of us in the office more than one occasion to smile 🙂

Here’s to all your dreams coming true, D!!!  Have a wicked one 😉

P/S: With him and Li Ling, it is a laugh-a-minute type situation … that’s code for me having a really good last night in Cannes 🙂

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