Catching Up Again – Nights at Railway

In the busy-ness of the last couple of weeks, I found time to catch up with Shobs who was back from London 🙂  She killed two birds with a stone when both her friends got married on the same day, one of which was part 2 of Michele and Paul’s.  This is yet another delayed post, it was meant for last week but I was just too too busy to even catch a breath.

With MoreLomo in my iPhone, I happily clicked away as we brought each other up to speed on what’s happening with our lives.  We met at one of our favourite-est places for teh halia, the KTM railway station.

Nothing like killer teh halia that hits the spot 🙂  More than that, I do love this Lomo app … it isn’t quite the real thing but it’ll do.  Here’s a couple more pictures I love from that night.

I’m doing up this post while in Cannes, Shobs is back in London, Nis is in Singapore and Gen’s in KL.  With emails, facebook, twitter, blogs, we live in a world where distance really doesn’t make a difference anymore.  It is pretty cool how the 21st century is turning out.

That said, every now and then though, it’s nice that we’re all in the same spot, sipping teh halia and just being there for each other.  Nothing will ever replace the physical touch of another human being … that’s why I’m such a cuddle monster 🙂  That’s how I get my fix to keep going on, HUGS 🙂  So have you hugged someone lately?  Here’s your chance today coz I bet no matter how they feel, they’ll appreciate it 🙂