The Market Opens

It’s the first day of business here in Cannes and by the time lunch came around, I’m reminded why most MIPs feel like a whirlwind and I hardly remember anything unless I had wrote it down.  Things definitely are looking up.  After a dismal performance in 2009, the crowd and mood for 2010 seems to be bustling.  The energy is generally upbeat and maybe, just maybe things are beginning to pick up.  For now, here’s a really quick update before I head off to bed.

It is much colder than I expected.  The meetings are a lot more aggressive too.  I reckon everyone’s just tired of how slow everything was moving last year.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not all hot air and there really will be an industry worth going back into.

Meanwhile, in between the back to back meetings, I managed to find some time to take in the view.  I was lucky enough to be waiting for Marcus and Li Ling on a street corner and remembered it isn’t everyday I get to wake up in a quaint French city 🙂  Hope you had a good Monday too!!