A Little Bit of France and a Little Bit of Switzerland

It’s day 1 in Cannes.  It’s colder than I expected and I know starting tomorrow, it’ll be a mad rush till we leave.  So I was happy I managed to catch something like 9hours of sleep from the first leg of the trip, from Singapore to Frankfurt.  I didn’t even miss the fact that on Luthansa, you don’t get a private screen to watch whatever you want, when you want it.  The Luthansa flight gets into Frankfurt an hour earlier than the Singapore Airlines one, so we found a little cafe and had breakfast.  It was me, Marcus and in the small small world that we live in, my sister’s dear dear friend, Winston who is a journalist from the Business Times. So this is for my sister.

With my iPhone, I’ve downloaded a bunch of cool photography apps and recently got this phone booth one.  I’ll try to explain it but it’s faster if you see this:-

And that’s what we did for a bit over breakfast, play with the apps on my phone.  Honestly, I don’t know what my life was like before the iPhone.  Ask my husband and he’ll tell you I have S.E.R.I.O.U.S. problems.  I agree but right now, I’m much too in love with my phone to do otherwise.  I’m not quite sure what will happen when I get an iPad :p  Meanwhile, with my iPhone and friends, the 3hour lay over in Frankfurt simply zipped by.  Before I knew it I was on a plane to Nice, where I promptly fell asleep and woke up when we landed.

After we settled nicely into our apartments, we headed out for lunch and took in the beautiful weather.  At lunch I tested out yet another app, MoreLomo, which allows you to take Lomo styled pictures.

The ones on the left are the non-lomo shots.  The thing that makes me smile about these pictures are the people I work with.  They are such a hoot, always game for a good time, they believe in what they’re doing and I actually really enjoy their company.  So being in Cannes with them is really a good thing 🙂  Back to this app, I like it quite a bit but for these earlier pictures I not sure which ones I prefer.  These other shots though, I like them lomo style 🙂

So as the first day in Cannes wraps up and I’m getting ready to go to bed, I remember I have a couple of posts from last week I’ve been meaning to write about but I haven’t had the time to … so here’s another catch up post from last Sunday, about meeting my cousin’s other half, Phillip.

Of Swiss German descent, he’s a tall dude and as it works out, he’s dating the shortest of us Tan girls.  Here we’re comparing the two shortest Tan girls who incidentally are dating really tall guys … I guess that’s what they mean when opposite attracts 🙂  Not to be left out, my cousin, Gary who has been steadily gaining weight ever since he became a Dad, decides to make another comparison of his own.

With our other cousin’s boyfriend, Chris, “who is wider” is what they are trying to determine here 🙂  It takes all kinds to make a family and you can be sure mine is made up of a whole different bunch :p  No, we aren’t any different from other families and have our fair share of issues but we sure know how to laugh at ourselves and have crazy fun :p  Sometimes I wish I could get into the heads of my niece and nephew and wonder what they reckon of their Dad, Mum, Aunties and Uncles.  Our crazy antics and the nonsense we put ourselves through.

Most of the time, I just wonder how different our lives will be if they didn’t exist … would we hang out as much as we do?  Makes me wonder if my generation didn’t exist, would the my parents, my uncles and aunts keep in touch?  Who knows … I’m just glad we exist and couldn’t be more grateful for the three little munchkins that make our hanging out that much more special.  Even a simple dinner at Lau Pa Sat takes on new meaning because we’re making memories that we can one day think back about.

All this pondering in a strange bedroom while in Cannes got me thinking about the last couple of weeks and how I’ve been running around like a headless chicken.  It has been a little more than just crazy and I really need to take a step back.  Maybe a big step back … to take stock … what I want to do in life, the person I want to be and honestly ask myself, how long can I keep doing this to myself.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure … and why I’m doing it confounds me too.  The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland said something about how it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place and if you really wanted to get somewhere, you’ve got to run at least twice as fast.

Lately you can call me Alice, everything doesn’t seem like it use to be and I’m running just to stay in the same spot, I’d run twice as fast except I don’t even know where I want to go.  For now, I’ll run through this week and maybe there will be a Mad Hatter in Cannes who will invite me to a tea party 🙂  Earl grey, anyone?

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