The Wedding Part 2

This post is a week late.  I’m at the airport heading to Cannes, France for the annual MIPTV but what I’m really reminiscing about is part 2 of the lovely wedding that happened in Perth.

Yes, that’s the formal picture of the groom and his men with his lovely bride and her ladies in Perth from Part 1.  Exactly 2 weeks before last week, where at this very same time, I was completely knackered from Part 2 of the wedding that I never made it out of the house after what was suppose to be a nap to recharge for a fun filled Saturday night :p

The morning started in a crazy mad rush because I overslept :p  Thank goodness I had buffered for any hiccups and all the bridesmaids got to Michele’s on time 🙂  This time the theme was red, which is Michele’s favourite colour.

From left to right, that’s me, Resh, Zack, Shobs and Astrid.  While the girls were preparing for the arrival of the groom and his merry men, Zack had the lovely task for fetching them.  The plan was simple, a couple of tasks to initiate Paul into the Chinese tradition of fetching his bride.

I have to say, to our surprise, they were pretty game for what we threw at them.  From left to right, it’s Phil, Paul, the groom, then Darren and finally brother of the groom and best man, James.

They boogied to Sexy Back, answered questions correctly, was innovative in finding out our full names … all in all, pretty decent attempt of four Aussie boys.  So to Paul and his merry men, well done, we couldn’t have done it better ourselves.

With that, the boy gets his girl 🙂  He whisks her off to the Mandarin Oriental where the official Chinese tea ceremony and lunch is held.  Before I ran off, I had to have my picture taken with the main flower girl, Sophia.

Isn’t she such a little cutie?  Shobs took a gorgeous gorgeous picture of her, which I’ll put up once I get a copy.  Meanwhile, these ones will have to do.  There’s something about flower girls at a wedding that makes it complete.  I’ll never understand weddings that don’t have children involved :p

The other thing I love about weddings is that it’s a great opportunity to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while.  For me, it was Shools!!  It feels like forever since we last spoke.

Other than the running around, the STB crew found time to catch up.  Who needs facebook when you have weddings 🙂  Ok, that’s a long enough post.  By the time, you’re done reading this I’ll probably be in Cannes already.  Till my next update from France, adieu everyone!!