A Wedding Festival

Perth felt like a dream.  One of those really good dreams where you wake up all warm and fuzzy.  That’s the effect my parents have on me, so much so I’m keeping an eye out for cheap tickets to Perth … even if it’s for a weekend, more moments like the times spent back home in Perth, I’ll be bouncing around like Tigger on acid 😉  good thing for me, not so sure for the people around me :p

Anyway, I came back to Singapore and into a flurry of activities for yet another wedding.  This time for Sharan, who I’ve known for the last 8years now 🙂  Congrats Sharan and Dinesh!!  It’s about time, is all I have to say 🙂

Copyright of Tess, it was truly a wedding festival with fringe events every other day starting from her hen’s night 🙂  The partying started while I was in Perth and as soon as I came back, it was party party party.  Just check out the pictures from the various cameras and from across the days of celebration, like they say the proof is in the pudding 🙂  Starting with the Sangeet.

Then it was the ceremony proper where most of us were initiated into the world of Sikhism.  My Punjabi is about as good as my Hindi so I was glad that there was a nice lady seated next to Daph and me who explained what was happening through out the ceremony.

Sharan was all decked out like I’ve never seen her before.  It made me feel  like putting an Indian theme party together so that we get an excuse to dress up just like she was.

It’s amazing what brides go through 🙂  but it sure paid off.  Doesn’t she look amazing?  Here’s wishing Sharan and Dinesh a lifetime of happiness and love!!!!