The Revisit

Resh and I were at Murdoch at the same time but never really knew each other.  It’s so strange how life turns around and puts people together again … we wondered why we were not meant to be friends then but now?  I just say, later better than never 🙂  So it was really fun returning to our university together and sharing our experiences we both had.

It was like sharing it with someone who was listening to it all for the first time but could totally relate 🙂  So we sipped our flat whites and ate brekkie on Bush Court, telling each other about the many afternoons we sat at the same spot and pondered what our lives had in store for us.

After 12years, it hasn’t quite gone as we planned but it’s all good  🙂  We watched students stroll by and spotted the newbies from Asia who were still wearing jeans on a 30degree day in Perth.  I do miss the days of tank tops, shorts and flip flops.  We then checked out the library, the revamped refectory now called the food court, the new book shop and of course, Nexus Theatre where I had spend many many hours rehearsing and performing.

Besides the fact that we had different majors, the biggest reason that Resh and I never really hung out back then was because she lived on campus and I lived off campus, like way way off campus.  Listening to her share about her escapades made me realise how our lives were so different and even though we went to the same school at the same time, we had very different experiences of Perth.  Despite the difference, we both fell in love with the city 🙂

Here’s where Resh called home while in Perth.  According to her, nothing seems to have changed … after 12years, everything looks the same.  We will never be able to bring those times back but us walking the routes we did then and being in the same places definitely brought back emotions … strangely, for a couple of hours she and I were shy of our 21st birthday, dreaming up dreams all over again and that’s when we realise … after 14years, we still believe in love, in the goodness of people, in everything turning out ok 🙂

So Resh, thanks for a lovely lovely time.  Here’s one for the road, I Will Remember You 😉