The Hail Storm

There were warnings of a thunder storm when we woke up on Monday morning.  Coming from Singapore, Resh and I weren’t the least bother at all.  Here’s a little trivia about Singapore, we have the highest incidence of lightning strikes in the world.  So we weren’t worried.  After all it was a BEAUTIFUL day and we were in need of a red dress for Part 2 of the wedding so we left home with a mission.

Then in the midst of our shopping, we hear the rain come down and slowly it sounds like rocks are plummeting the roof.  It’s so heavy that rain and HAIL STONES start flying into the shop.  The girls run frantically to close the shutter doors.  The power go out twice.  I’m by the window taking videos and photos.

I’m all excited because the last time I was in Perth experiencing a hail storm was like some 15years ago.  I turn around and look for Resh, half expecting her to be as intrigued with the storm as me but she was no where to be found.  I looked around the store and was wondering where could she be hiding when I found her trying outfits in the fitting room 🙂  She is a true Singaporean … nothing will get between her and a good buy.

After the hail stopped, the rain kept going and the flood waters were rising.  My Dad called to tell us that the roads are all messed up and that we should drive safe, better yet find a good restaurant and sit the storm out.  That was our exact intention but we were not at all ready for what we had to face.

It was a scene from a disaster movie.  The traffic was NOT moving.  It took us an hour and 10minutes to move what would normally take 8mins to drive.  We did eventually, thanks to the newly minted Mr and Mrs Christian, find a Thai place to have dinner and sit out the aftermath of the storm.

Like all good storms, there’s always a rainbow at the end of it.

You can barely see it from the picture but the smidgin of it is there in the background between the buildings.  So I guess all’s well and ends well, with Resh and I driving home safely with a day to remember 🙂