The Day Before The Wedding – Part 2

After my parents left us to our own devices, Resh and I headed to a usual coffee hang out for us students way back in the 90s,  Ginos but after 12years, the wear and tear of time was a little more than obvious.  That took us to the good ‘ole Dome.  I never drank much coffee till I came to Perth and it was at Dome that I had my first flat white.  Till today, I drink flat white whenever I go to Dome 🙂

Like All Saint’s Never Ever, Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn, Cadbury Hazelnuts and Raisin chocolate bars, the smell of lavender, star filled nights, ice cream in winter … flat whites will always remind me of Perth.  So there we were taking in the sights and sounds of Freo, enjoying our first afternoon in Perth reminiscing about the things we did as students and how incredibly young and naive we were 🙂  Good times 🙂

We did snap out of that quick enough and went on to yet another thing we love doing together, checking out clothes and trying them out 🙂

While Resh bought both the dresses she tried out, I only bought the black one.  I loved the white little dress but it’s just … a little … how can I put it … it’s a little young for the 30something that I am :p So I went with just the black one 🙂

Then it was dinner with the bride to be and a last minute briefing to make sure we have everything covered.  That’s when we saw her gown for the first time 🙂

She was all excited, nervous and happy.  That’s why I love being around brides 🙂  It’s good energy to be around.  We were all set for the big day and quietly, Resh and I were wondering what they’ll think when they open our gift to them.

At least we know they’ll have an exciting first year 🙂