She’s a Little Miss Tan

I’m referring to my niece, big sister to my God daughter, better known as Mabel.  Most people who meet her for the first time tells me she’s such a quiet and pleasant little girl 🙂

Don’t let her quiet and sweet demeanor fool you though.  She has our blood running strongly through her veins and like all her aunts, she’s one true little Miss Tan.  In other words, mess with her and you’ll soon realise you wish you didn’t :p

That pretty much sums up us girls in the Tan clan. Us, Miss Tans have been known to be the very antithesis of what a demure Asian girl should be but ask anyone of us and we’ll tell you that we’re pretty happy with the way God made us 🙂  Ask our other halves and I’m not quite sure you’ll get the same answer :p

Lately though, this Miss Tan aka Mrs MacLaughlan seems to have lost her mojo … I think I need to hang out with my niece a little more and remember how we usually kick ass 😉

Tell me that smile doesn’t just warm your heart.  Mabes, I miss you so much right now!!!

p/s: we were trying to take a photo of our fierce faces … didn’t quite work but we had fun doing it anyway 🙂