A Little Catholic Girl

In the Christian faith, there’s the whole idea of rebirth through the rite of baptism.  Most of us don’t remember ours because like my little God daughter, we were all baptised when we were wee little babes.  After last Sunday, it’s all official 🙂  She’s going to have to go to Sunday school, try and figure out how did Noah get all the animals on the ark, why Jesus has to die for everyone’s sins and get over the fact that the Church and God don’t always go hand in hand … errr … ookkaayyy … yes, I’m essentially writing about myself  and my own struggles growing up Catholic :p  This blog is about me after all 😉 but back to my precious little baby of a God daughter, Rachael.

That’s my little Shaolin monk of a Catholic God daughter 🙂  We’re hoping the old wives tale is going to pay off and that she’ll have long luscious hair … if not, she’ll never forgive us for shaving her little head in time for her baptism.  I may be bias but I honestly think she’s a cute little button with  hair or no hair 🙂  Can’t help but want to squish her when I see these pictures.

I’m not sure what Godmas are suppose to do exactly and will be winging it for now, till then Rachael can be sure that whatever it is, I’ll be doing just that and fighting for her happiness 🙂

Here’s my first foray into Godmother-hood.  Okay, little one, one day when you’re old enough to read this, despite what everyone says about your relationship with God, remember it is just between you and Him and if you ever doubt anything in life, the one thing you never have to doubt is His love.  Yep, coz that much I know is true 🙂