Catching Up

I feel like I have to run faster and faster just to stay in the same place … can you believe it’s yet another Monday?

I can’t quite believe that the first quarter of 2010 is coming to an end.  Is it just me or time seems to be running faster than I’ve ever know?  In a bid to slow down, I’m currently re-living a couple of fun bits from the last week.

Happy Belated Birthday, Zack!!

Reshee and I decided to bring Zack to the Verve for the celebrations.  The food there is quite lovely and the ambiance fits it too.  It isn’t terribly pricey.  So I think we’ll be back.  We started the evening outside.

The weather has been warmer than most people would normally like so we ended up inside.  Had pasta, which was yummy, chatted and basically made plans for more nights like these 🙂

Before I fed my inner taitai, my inner lian was awoken with a karaoke session that was quite surprising 🙂

I can have fun with karaoke … more than that, I never knew Marcus was your regular rocker who can give Wu Bai a run for his money :p

We had enough fun to want to attempt it all over again 🙂  So there’s a secret surprise birthday karaoke plan in the works 😉

Meanwhile, I’m clearing work before having to get on a plane for Michele’s and Paul’s wedding this Sunday … then there’s budgets to clear … and chasing for what’s owed … preping for MIPTV … aaarrrrgggghhhh … … …