Up In The Air

Apparently Jason Reitman wrote this film even before Thank You For Not Smoking and Juno when the economy was doing well … so the crisis came and worked really well for the fact that he held off making his third film.  Made it more poignant … more real …more relevant …

George Clooney seemed to be playing himself, not that I know who he really is, just based of the tabloids I read when I’m getting my hair cut.  He’s a man who can’t commit … we know a couple, in fact some of my closest friends are a little too similar to the lead for my comfort.  I’ve always known that I need people in my life … friends and family are HUGELY important to me so I can’t relate to wanting to keep your life light.  Like the famous line, no pain no gain … sure, I may still die alone in my bed … even then, as I’m slowly dying all by myself I much prefer the memories filled with people than with stuff.

Like his previous films, Jason Reitman leads us to pause, reflect and ponder.  Especially with the twist in the movie that my usual cheery positive self did not expect … Hollywood endings can be cliche but I’ve learnt I’m a romantic that way … so yes, it was real, much more real than what we’re use to with cookie cutter movies flung at us at a weekly rate.  As the credits rolled against a little ditty composed by a regular joe who lost his job, I slowly remembered that my life, despite all it’s complications and unfulfilled desires, is just about perfect 🙂  That’s life … and if I’m not careful, it could actually get worse 😉

Yes, that means go watch this film.  You won’t feel like you wasted your $10 or whatever it is that they charge these days.