All I can say is that Daniel Day Lewis is quite the acting god.  I’ve yet to watch a film that he stars in and not believe that he was actually the role he played.  How an English man can convince me he is an Italian director while singing, just goes to show how well an actor he is.  So it’s safe to say, I enjoyed the movie 🙂  The ensemble was nicely put together too.

The other women in his life, I loved them all and thought they were nicely casted too.  Penelope Cruz, the usual crazy nut that she is was one sex kitten … even I thought she was hot.  As usual, Nicole Kidman was the epitome of grace and elegance.  I know not everyone likes her but I’ve always liked her and she did not disappoint me.  My favourite thing in the film was the costume design though … I love love love the dresses 🙂

So yah, I had fun and it’s one I reckon you should watch on big screen too.