Why I Can’t Live Without My iPhone

While I’m sitting in a conference trying to learn from Dora and Bakugan, my family and friends can stay updated with what’s going on in my mind 🙂

It’s not difficult to start pondering when you’re far away from the office, away from the daily distractions … Wondering what the future holds for the industry that is so close to my heart … … I do want the industry to grow to a point when I can go back into it …

2010, it’s going to get personal …

Meanwhile, thank goodness for my iPhone that makes the breaks between sessions go by quickly 🙂

It’s Snowing in NYC

And it snowed the WHOLE day on Wednesday. To be honest, it was nice to be inside and watch the snow come down. There’s something about snow that reminds you about Christmas and the thing about Christmas is that, you can’t help but feel happy when you think about it 🙂

That’s me in winter. The left is what I’m told is my tourist look and the right is what I look like for meetings … coz we know it’s hard enough to take me seriously and my pink scarf won’t help 😛

So we did brave the snow for lunch and all we made it for was ONE little block.

Yes, we thought, “What the heck? We’re here only for a couple of days.” So yes, we brave the blizzard for lunch and that we did 🙂

I always knew I love being inside while a thunderstorm is raging outside, now I know, I love it as much if it’s a snow storm too 🙂 That said, I’m not sure I can last longer than a week in NYC winters :p

Meanwhile, as you and your family sit down for a steamboat reunion dinner, think about us lone Singaporeans in freezing NYC and send us some warm thoughts 🙂 Happy happy CNY everyone!!!

Before Arriving in NYC

It took us a whole 23hours to get from Singapore to NYC via Frankfurt. That’s a whole day of my life spent in a plane and I slept most of it away :p Not before I managed to try out this new app on my nifty iPhone.

That’s my view to my left through the filter of Hipstamatic. It’s a pretty cool software that gives your photo that somewhat pretentious arty look so much so my pictures look like they have a story to tell :p

And to my right the story is, “For the millionth time, get your freaking iPhone out of my face.” He didn’t even have to say a word … you should have seen his face when we reached Frankfurt and I was asleep most of the way … you see, my dear friend, Erv can’t sleep on planes … but my sleepy vibes must have hit him coz he did manage to catch some zzzz … not as much as me but he did get some 🙂

With about over an hour to kill in Frankfurt, I did a little study of my own and realised … every man does need a woman 😉 Here’s a happy man with his wife:-

And here’s what happens when men fly solo … …

They just look … for lack of a better word … a little sad :p Ok ok ok, the control in this experiment isn’t very … what’s the scientific term for it? Reliable? Anyway, I’m no scientist … I’m more an artist … that’s what I like to think anyway :p so, here’s one more arty shot before we got on the plane for JKF, where I actually slept some more 😉


Am heading out in a bit for lunch but here’s a quick update, the weather is actually beautifully sunny … cold but the sun is out 🙂  That’s only until tonight where there’s an anticipation of a foot worth of snow … enough to close schools tomorrow :p  So am I a little worried?

… I’ve decided I’m in New York city, the last time I was here … was a good 8 years ago so, come snow come storm, I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can 🙂  So far so good and I’m so glad that I’m actually here with Daryl, who in the last year made me realise he IS the little brother I never had.  You’ve got to love the boy 🙂

Next Week This Time

I’ll be freezing my little tooshie … ok ok ok, I know it isn’t that little but I’ll be freezing it in New York city.

10-Day Forecast

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Feb 04
Sunny 36°/24° 0 %
Feb 05
Mostly Cloudy 36°/26° 20 %
Feb 06
Snow 30°/16° 70 %
Feb 07
Mostly Sunny 28°/15° 10 %
Feb 08
Mostly Sunny 32°/20° 10 %
Feb 09
Partly Cloudy 32°/21° 10 %
Feb 10
Few Snow Showers 34°/24° 30 %
Feb 11
Cloudy 35°/24° 20 %
Feb 12
Sunny 35°/25° 0 %
Feb 13
Partly Cloudy 36°/26° 10 %

Yep, that’s what I have to get ready for.  For everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a tropical island girl … I’m definitely more comfortable in a bikini than in thermal wrapped up in winter gear.  So even though it is New York, I’m a tad apprehensive.

Meanwhile, here’s to a happy spring cleaning weekend before the year of the Tiger 🙂