Other than little people a.k.a. children, I have an extreme soft spot for animals so I really don’t mind when my sister takes off for a couple of days.  That’s because when she does, my husband and I get to watch her little puppy Wags.  So when she and I missed each other as I came home from NYC and she took off to Perth to share CNY with our Daddy and Mummy, my husband had to watch her for a couple of days.  That means it was him and Wags ALONE with each other … so needless to say, they were both excited to see me when I came home from NYC last week 🙂

And they were both so game for an afternoon out.  My husband though possibly wished that I left my iPhone at home :p  He took the following picture because he says that’s all I ever do now … looking at my iPhone :p

So much so I was even thinking of giving up my iPhone for Lent … but without a spare phone to use … … I guess I can’t do that :p  I’ve decided … maybe giving up sugar for Lent is the next best thing alternative 😉

Back to the walk, Wags, this mini of a Maltese has a serious case of Napoleon complex.  She, one, thinks she’s bigger than the biggest dog in the park and two, actually thinks she’s human.  So you have been warned, proceed with caution when you encounter … …

It isn’t often that we get time to relax, enjoy the balmy afternoon breeze and just relish an afternoon with a puppy.  So that we did, my husband and I caught up, trying to figure out what to have for dinner, why we both love the Botanic Gardens, what work excites us and even how the future can be scary.  That’s the other half of how exciting the future can be too, I guess 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m learning to be grateful for such simple pleasures for life could be so much more worse.  I am a lucky puppy myself 🙂

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