So Long Miss Neo

As Hens Nights go, we manage to put together an extremely fun yet tame one for our dear friend, Michele.  I still remember her telling me about their first kiss at Zouk Out 2008 and I’m so thrilled that come March 21st, I’ll be in Perth saying farewell to Miss Neo and hello to Mrs Christian.  Well, not before the all important Hens Night, which started at Marrakesh Moroccan Lounge and Bar.  By the way, it’s a nice atmosphere but the drinks are a lot better than the food :p

So I’m not sure if we’ll be back.  However, it was good enough for our night and it was fun especially when the company is as good as ours 🙂  Once dinner was over, our bride-to-be started the night with a lychee martini.

And it was looking like it was going to be a FUN FUN FUN night 🙂  After Makkakesh, we headed towards to Attica.

We got to Attica early and the crowd was thin, to say the least but when it’s the 5 of us, that seems to be enough of us to have fun 🙂

So for each letter of her new name, Michele had to complete 9 tasks before we could declare the night to be over.  With two bottles of champagne, Michele was raring to go.

Our bride-to-be friend soon found out that most men were indeed true gentlemen who helped her out with her simple tasks.

Just as long as they spoke English 🙂  She found two Germans who spoke no English and took a while to explain that she was a bride-to-be with crazy friends who have put her up to all this nonsense.

They turned out to be as smart as they are cute and quickly figured out that she was already off the market 🙂  Among the nonsense she had to do was to stand on the chair and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Before she got too crazy, she was nicely told that she had to get down but she promptly explained it was her hens night and no manager in a club was going to ruin it for her 😉  I knew she’s always game for a night of drunken revelry and that the night was.

We had so much fun, we’ve decided that we’re going to plan for faux pas hens night every other month.  We even practiced on who’s going to be the next bride-to-be.

From left to right, may I present the soon to be Mrs Vaugh-Norton, Mrs Cooper-Baker and Mrs Reeves 🙂  Looks like Mrs Cooper-Baker has won hands down for her hens night next.  Sure, our husbands Vince-Edward, Bradley-Simon and Keanu are in our heads but we’ll still have fun 😉  Just like we did for Michele’s.

So from the bottom of our hearts, Mich, here’s wishing you and Paul a lifetime of happiness and love.  Thank goodness, he’s a good guy and we do like him 🙂

4 thoughts on “So Long Miss Neo

  1. Love reading all your posts on a bleary eyed Monday morning at work with my coffee. You are obviously still super efficient – 3 posts over the weekend! Travel with work, hen’s night out and a fab home cooked dinner plus gelati nights – loves the posts!

  2. You are welcome!!! We had fun too!! Can’t wait for the Christians to move back to Singapore 🙂 woo hoo!!

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