My Cousin The Chef

Growing up my cousin, Gary a.k.a Ah Boy always had a penchant for the kitchen.  I remember him cooking things up, experimenting with different cuisines … he actually makes a good steak … yes, when I ate meat :p  If he didn’t mumble so much, I’d actually produce a cooking show for him and he could be Singapore’s Jamie Oliver 🙂  Since he does mumble, I’ll just be grateful when he whips up an incredible meal for me.

Which is exactly what he did last week when I dropped by to hang out with my munchkins 🙂  And for someone who isn’t a vegetarian, he made a killer salad with mushrooms to die for and POLENTA!!!  I love POLENTA!!!  And I never made it before because I don’t know how.  Trust my dear cousin to figure it out and it was good too 🙂

Thank you Ah Boy for the very yummy vegetarian meal, you constantly surprise me and thank you thank you especially for my little munchkins 🙂

I’ve said this before but I’m saying it again, I’m so  so so happy that they live so close by now 🙂  but I think I’m going to get fat from our weekly ice cream jaunts :p

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