I wasn’t looking forward to this trip but now that I’ve gone and come back, I’m really glad the trip happened.  For one, I was reminded how much I enjoy New York City.  Being surrounded by tall buildings and walking in Central Park, with so much to feed my senses, NYC definitely has a hold on my wanderlust.

Could I live in the city?  I’m not quite sure … maybe for a couple of years but for a couple of months, for sure.  Whatever it is, I’m hoping to come back soon for fun 🙂  Meanwhile, the last couple of days … so enjoyed them, even the crazy cold … I mean, we’re only there for a couple of days, what’s some cold … I even miss it a little now that I’m home :p  More than that I enjoyed my friends who were with me on this trip.

Thank you guys!  For the warm company that made it fun 🙂

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