A Good Dinner Place

Tiong Bahru Market.  Yes, we know it’s a good breakfast place and as I’ve recently found out, it’s good for dinner too 🙂  And all because Jules had a chwee kueh craving!!  Yes, Julia is back from Japan!!  Alas, it’s only for a holiday and not for good … not yet anyway 😉

If someone told me that Jules and I were actually meant to be twins that got split into two different mummies tummies, I’d believe them.  We aren’t exactly the same but have so many similar philosophies that it never eases to surprise me how completely comfortable I am with her 🙂  Thanks you so much Jujules for sharing your time with me when you’re home.

Guess who else joined us for dinner?  My favourite other little Tan, Kayla 🙂  Her Daddy, is the big cheese CW and he spends quality dinner together during the week with her and they decided to join us.

I still remember her Daddy, Mr CW and me in Cannes when she was just a little over a year old and we were shopping for stuff he could bring home for her and what I could bring home for my nephew.  Now, she’s in Primary 1, articulate, funny and sweet, finding her own in life and basically growing into a fine young lady 🙂

These was what memories are made of – good times shared with good friends 🙂