34 going on 35

In a months time, I’ll officially be in my mid 30s …  I’m not quite sure how I feel about that yet … I’m enjoying this growing older thing but I remember when mid 30s seemed really far far away :p  Not so anymore, one month is a quick time and before I know it, by golly, mid 30s I’ll be 🙂

Before I get wished Happy Birthday, a warm warm wish goes out to my dear Shob-sie in London.  Happy 26th Sweetie 😉  We know you’re living it up in London and filling the cold dreary place with your warm sunshine but we miss you!!

It seems, not so long ago, she was back in Singapore … …

and we were in Little India having dinner 🙂  Hmmm … now I’m craving for some serious thosai … …

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