My first movie of the year is Clint Eastwood’s Oscar attempt for 2010, Invictus.  I’m pretty sure that it’ll win a couple as well.  Like most of Mr Eastwood’s other films, it had dramatic moments, funny moments, music swelling to crescendos to tug at heartstrings moments but some reason it left me wanting more.  I can’t quite put my finger on it but I think it’s because in my world Mr Nelson Mandela affected more change than the movie was incline to show.

So while I walked out of the cinema moved by the hope that this movie may help everyone realise we may look different on the outside, on the inside we all want the same thing … love, I’m not quite sure if it’ll happen in my lifetime.

It’s strange that despite all Mr Mandela did for discrimination, we still live in a world where fundamentalists blow up other people’s places of worship. For us lately, it’s a lot closer to home than we would like … even if you don’t believe in God or religion, that just ain’t right.  I may not know much about the specifics of all the religions in the world but I do know that it’s all suppose to be about love.

God, in whatever form or word you choose, is always simple, it’s Man that complicates it all.

With the first movie of the year out of the way, I pray that in our darkest moments, all our hearts will always manage to find love and forgiveness.