Hello 2010

It doesn’t quite feel like the new year has started until you’re back at school or work, does it?

With the first official day back at work being today, I guess 2010 has started for real … … … yes, most of us were hit with a serious bout of Monday blues and guess what we found out?  We all had the same idea of a Monday blue pick-me-up, picking out an outfit that would give our gait that extra bounce 🙂

With the 20somethings flanking the 30somethings, I guess girls of all ages are pretty much the same.  Some of us may be the princess sort and other are a little more rough around the edges but there’s nothing like a pretty outfit that kicks the Monday blues away.  Now what will I wear to get rid of the Tuesday blues :p

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Hope my nephew and my other little friends, all 6 of them enjoyed their new uniforms and their first day of Primary 1 🙂

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