Happy Birthday Nicole

My little-est best friend, Nicole turns 4 on Wednesday but since it’ll be a school/work day, her Daddy and Mummy decided to the second day of 2010 would make a perfect day for a party.  A perfect day it was too 🙂

The rain came down hard in the early afternoon, cooling off the rest of the day for the party.  So needless to say my two little munchkin of a nephew and niece were terribly excited when I got to their place 🙂

When I whipped out my camera, one tried playing stoic and the other plain silly.  They just wanted to get to the party.  I got the hint and we were out of there sooner than you can say “Happy Birthday, Nicole.”  It was a long drive from one end of the island to the other but like I’ve said before, once out of the house, these two are nearly the perfect angels 🙂  So we chatted in the car, sang songs, made silly jokes and before we knew, we were at the party.

My water babies saw the pool set up and was all ready to get wet.  They enjoyed themselves so much they didn’t even want to get out of the pool for the magic show.  Even little Jonah, once he warmed up got into the pool too. Before that he was glued to his Mummy playing house.

Jonah hasn’t quite taken to me and wasn’t particularly thrilled that I wanted to take a picture of him and Mummy playing house.  When he was ready, Mummy wasn’t and when Mummy was, he decided he was not :p  So here’s my partner-in-crime who I’m hoping that in this year, we actually get to go on a work trip together 🙂

It took the setting sun to get these kids out of the water, cleaned up and back into their dry clothes.  This didn’t stop them from playing and the only thing that could get their attention was the birthday cake.

The birthday girl was all excited with her Mickey and Friends cake.  How can you not fall in love with that smile?  Suffice to say, she’s managed to steal my heart and spending the day with her was quite the treat.

I’m so glad that the three of them get on spiffily too.  One day when I’m feeling all brave, I’ll take all three out for the day :p  Honestly, how do parents with more than one kid do it?  Hopefully, one day I’ll get to answer that very question.

For now, my dearest Nicole, here’s yet another post dedicated to you.  Happy Birthday, sweetie!!  May your year be filled with all the happiness and love you so deserve 🙂

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