Farewell 2009

Since the restructure that happened while I was in India, our parties are a lot cozier than it was before.  So for the last working day, we got some KFC, chippies, drinks even veggie bee hoon hung out and just appreciated the last moments of the last working day of the year.

It was fun, casual and warm, which pretty sums up the kind of team I work with.  Not everyone gets to go to work with friends so I’m very grateful for that … sometimes I forget that and start focusing/complaining about the other things that happen at work.  So today, I’m glad to be reminded that I actually have it quite good at work.  And and and, Yus we missed you today too!!  With weddings and births happening in 2010, there will be more celebrations to share with them 🙂

While I do have a resolution about work, part of me really wouldn’t mind if this time next year I’m still sharing the last working day with them too.  Here’s to all of you who make coming to work such a treat and reason enough to come back in 2010 🙂

To all my other friends and my dear dear family, thank you for making the other parts of my life that much more amazing too 🙂

I’m not sure what 2010 has in store, not even a hint and I don’t want to guess.  For the last 34 years, it’s managed to work out, 2009 was definitely NOT boring and for the 35th year of my life, I’m pretty much going to try and enjoy the ride as best as I can 🙂 So from my heart to yours, I’m wishing you the very best for 2010 and may all your dreams come true 🙂