Happy 1 Week Anniversary

To Mr and Mrs Tan and Mr and Mrs Lee 🙂  These 2 couples made my last Wednesday one of the busiest I’ve had in a while, coupled with corporate planning and my parents arriving back in town.  It was pretty much a full on day 🙂

It was Mr and Mrs Tan first, where the original Peach crew got together.  It sure did bring back a lot of good memories 🙂  Sitting at the table with them, I could almost hear the sounds of the old office along South Bridge Road, right smack in the middle of production.  These were definitely the coolest bunch of people to be sharing late nights and production crisis with 🙂

Next up Mr Lee is the brother of an angel, Gen 🙂  So it was nice to catch up with her whom I haven’t seen in ages and as the sister of the groom, she was hot hot hot!!  And Gen, if you’re reading this, you still haven’t told me about your December yet 😉

The other two angels, namely Nis and Shobs were out of town, one in Dubai and the other in London so it was me with the boys mostly.  And if you know Perry and Nige, that’s pretty much all you need for a fun night 🙂

To the happily married couples, I hope you guys had a beautiful first week and here’s to a lifetime of happiness filled with the warmest memories 🙂