Sherlock Holmes

Guy Ritchie has his mojo back … so I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes a strong woman isn’t quite what a man needs.  That’s me saying I did enjoy Sherlock Holmes.  It’s a movie that works for most movie going demographics yet at some subtle level could possibly alienate some people.

I liked it though, especially the lines in the script … witty witty witty.  Then again I’m also a sucker for murder mysteries and old school CSI has this alluring thing about it.  If I believed in past lives I would definitely have lived in England during the industrial age.  Something about it all that seems to draw me to the time … except I’m not sure about the lack of proper water closets :p  Anyway back to the film, there’ll probably be a sequel because Robert Downey Jr not only kicks ass as Ironman, he has brought Sherlock Holmes alive for me, in a good way too 🙂  RDJ rocks!!

So if you seen Avatar like 3 times and wonder what else is there to watch, catch Sherlock Holmes.  Unless of course, you’re my friend, Zack who rather pick the Chipmunks over Bobby and Jude … …