There’s Always A First Time

After 15 days of tender loving care I manage to drop my iPhone for the very first time :p and guess what? I even managed to capture the fall too!!  How? Well, there I was at Shell’s & Cherry’s place for our annual Christmas get together. *wave to Hairon* coz that’s like the only time we see her 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to take some shots of the party and give Claire a hug at the same time … Therein lies my problem – multitasking :p so as I walked into a hug with Claire, I was gingerly holding my iPhone like I wanted to take a picture … And if you have an iPhone, you know that’s not the strongest of holds.

My iPhone slipped from my hand and made its maiden fall onto my friends’ pretty floor. The first time always hurts a lot more and I’m hoping that’s the last time too … … At least I manage to catch the fall for all eternity … How many people can say that ;p

Happy Boxing Day!!

One thought on “There’s Always A First Time

  1. Indeed a picture speaks a thousand words and I’m sooooo glad I was part of this “moment” with you! A one in a million! 🙂 Happy New Year’s eve, eve, eve, eve dear friend.

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