6 Years Ago

I still remember the blue themed baby shower we had in 2003 to usher his arrival and now Renn, son to one of my oldest and dearest friends in the world, turned 6 years old yesterday.  Come January 4, 2010 this little buddy of mine is starting Primary 1.  I can’t quite believe it myself … when I’m blogging about his wedding is when I’ll have a serious meltdown.  For now, I can still deal with the next generation starting primary school.

This year’s party theme is Wild Things … as in Where The Wild Things Are.  Since my monster outfit is in storage, I went in my comfy dress and wedges, which despite my arrival with two kids in tow, showed how un-Mummy I was … yep, I was the only one with wedges :p  Anyway, my nephew, Gabriel and my niece, Mabel were the two children I was playing house with over the weekend.  I love bringing them out, they are such angels when they are out with me.  I swear it’s like Jeykell and Hyde … seriously … …

Anyway, for the first time in their lives, the brother and sister pair are meeting each other.  Think the moment was more special for me than them.  Yes, I’ve seen all four of them grow from tiny babies to these little people with unique personalities 🙂  It’s still amazes me how babies are made … that’s a miracle if you ever need one 🙂

Renn and Gabriel are the same age, Gabes born in October is about 3 months older.  Aira and Mabes have it a little more special, these two angels share the same birthday.  Yes, they are only 2 hours apart.

With about 20kids in the house, it really shows how our lives have changed.  From hanging out at Scotts, partying at Zouk to house parties with cheese platters and toys everywhere.  We have and are living the good life.  Sometimes I forget and I’m glad for night like this one that helps me stay grateful for all that I’ve been blessed with 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m already thinking of bringing the kids to the fire station for our next day out 😉  Can you tell I so seriously want to nest :p

2 thoughts on “6 Years Ago

  1. yes it is a miracle and yes its amazing! 🙂 thanks for bringing the kids over and thanks for being there. (tho we wished you were with aaron but it was definitely a bonus for us!) next outing…..fire station. 🙂

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