The Composer

There’s something about intimate theater spaces that inspires me to start thinking about writing, or different lighting designs, sets, costumes even directing.  I do miss working in theater but like local films, plays here still leaves you wanting more, so much more.

Jord, Faith and I caught the second last performance of The Composer on Sunday.  I applaud their effort like I do most local films when I walk out of them and I truly truly appreciate them casting non-actors.  It was quite a treat not to see the same usual faces.  I actually even really like the premise.  However, the script and the acting were lacking for me … it was all two dimensional and largely weak.  Could I have done a better job?  I would like to think so but I’ve been there and know how extremely hard it is.

Still, I do hope one day, I can watch a local play and come out of it inspired to produce and direct my own.  For now, what can I say about The Composer?  It’s a story about a man and 7 women in his life.  Essentially though, it’s about him, his wife and his mistress who is married herself.  The other women were his best friend, his pastor and 3 other casualties who he threw himself at, largely because his mistress left him after 5 years.  Why?  She was the one he really loved.  So was it just a timing issue that he met his wife before his mistress?  We’ll never know and like all art forms it isn’t quite meant to answer as much as it is meant to provoke.

I just wished the characters were less stereotypical and chemistry between them much more … well, I just wish there were some chemistry.  Not sure when I’ll be catching my next play but I’m looking forward to The Princess and The Frog 🙂