Avatar 3D

After a treat of pampering myself on Saturday morning, I rushed through traffic in the rain to get to the Cathay just in time for Avatar in 3D with the boys and Kat 🙂

All I can say is this, I’ve already seen it twice and I want to catch it again on the big screen.  Yes, it was F#&$ing amazing … you read right, I swore on my blog … I don’t think anyone younger than 21 reads this blog or at the very least, they get this blog read to them … in that case, parents please censor appropriately.  Those who know me, know I swear for emphatic purposes and that’s how much I was blown away by the 3D effects of the movie.  A complete visual treat.  Yes, you could have enjoyed it in regular 2D too but would you feel like reaching out to touch Neytiri or look over the cliff to check out what is beyond?  No, you won’t.

There really is no alternative, Avatar has to be seen on a 3D screen and not at some lame Eng Wah type screen in some obscure place like West Mall.  No siree, you have to watch this on a decent GV or Cathay screen with the right glasses and you’ll be in for a ride.  Like how Stars Wars changed the way we looked at special effects, what Jurassic Park did for CGI and LOTR for motion capture … Avatar will be yardstick for successful 3D Stereoscopic.

The story was alright, nothing too special.  It proposed a poignant proposition that gets lost in a fantastical world of flora and fauna.  If you manage to take anything at all away, it’d be how human beings as a race is quite myopic and somewhat hopeless.  In James Cameron’s world of 2154, we’ll still be arrogant and think we know better.

Let’s hope as a race we prove him wrong.  Meanwhile, in the present we get to enjoy his talent for effects that is always larger than life.  In a time, when I’m completely in love with my iPhone, this movie was the only other thing that managed to keep my mind off my phone for 162mins.

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