It Snowed in Vancouver

While that’s what my husband enjoyed over the recent weekend, I was busy with the boys, the girls and as you’ve read in my previous post the kids 🙂

I’ve been initiated into the world of Blu Ray.  Thanks to Marcus and Erv, who incidentally went to watch Up with me.  So it was apt that we shared Saturday afternoon watching the extras on Blu Ray 🙂  Made me want to go back into animation production :p  Then I was in for a real treat, BBC’s Planet Earth on Blu Ray and in HD too!!!  It was quite the sight to behold, which tempted me into thinking about getting a true HD TV and a Blu Ray player for my new home.  If my husband is reading this, D.O. N.O.T. worry, I  haven’t forgot, we agreed on ‘no TVs in the home’ and I do still stand by that :p  So I guess Ervin, who doesn’t read this blog either, will never know that as long as he’s staying in his parents’ home … just like they say in Toy Story … he’ll have a friend in me ;P

I didn’t think my day was going to get better but it did 🙂  It has been FOREVER and I seriously mean FOREVER since we had an all girls night out.  First I went away to school, then Gerie went to school, then Claire got married and had kids, Gerie followed soon after and Cherry married her job but after 10 over years, we FINALLY did it 🙂

So thank you Pann, Renn, Aira, Gerald, Kaitlyn, Keisha and Shell … technically you’re like Aaron out of town but thanks anyway 😉 yes, thank you all for sharing your other halves and Mummies with me.  We had such a blast!!  We had a lovely dinner at Cedele and basically did what we did when we were in school – TALKED.  Then we went for a movie.  Which one you ask?

The only one that made us think we were teenagers again 🙂 The Twilight Saga: New Moon and team Jacob has officially beat team Edward!!  I have to be reminded he is only 17 years old so I’ll stick to my Optimus for now.

We had so much fun that we’re planning for Sherlock Holmes and hopefully make Girls Night a monthly thing 🙂  For now move over team Dr Watson because team Sherlock Holmes wins hands down.