Day At The Zoo

When we were in Perth, my nephew and niece made plans with me to go to the zoo so today was the day.  I got up early for a Sunday and found myself two very well behaved children all ready for the zoo.  I have to say they honestly made me very proud today, not one problem through out the whole day.  We all know what that means, there will be more days like today 🙂

So after the first picture with their baby sister who is sitting the day out at home (at slightly over 3months, Godma here isn’t quite ready to take her and the other two munchkins for a day out at the zoo) we were off. We got there fairly early at about 10am and the zoo was already crowded!!  Guess there’s not much to do with kids in Singapore :p  It has been a while since I was last at the zoo and so it took me longer than usual to find the ticket area, the washroom and the entrance.  It was like 10:30 before we started exploring, which worked out well because that’s when my little friend, Nicole joined us 🙂  With her Mummy having to work on a Sunday, her Daddy, Jason figured it would be a good idea to spend it at the zoo.

There we were 3 kids and 2 adults, trying to make a day of it.  Since it was only me that hasn’t been to the zoo for a while, I was truly intrigued with the animals and I have to say the Singapore zoo does a really good job.  I typically don’t like zoos but I have to say the animals at the Singapore zoo don’t have a bad life at all.  The kids got on peachy too.  The girls were with me most of the day and Jason was learning that caring for one boy is pretty much the same as two girls 🙂

After a few animal sightings we headed to the kids area of the zoo and I’m not sure who had a more fun time, me or the kids 🙂  There’s a huge water play area where we cooled off from the heat and just played 🙂  After a couple of hours we showered, had lunch, a couple of rides before checking out the polar bears and the wolves.  Then the adults had to call it a day, we had to tell the kids it was time for their naps but I think truly it was us who needed one 😉

On the way back in the car, my two munchkins were completely knocked out and my nephew managed a ” I like Uncle Jason” before fading off .

And Jason messaged me that his angel was looking for my niece, Mabel.  So I guess there will be more days like today.  I should be so lucky 🙂