My Little Sister

I think I’ve told this story before but here it is again coz it’s one of my favourite stories to tell.  My sister was born at dawn.  I was nearly 3 years old, so this could possibly be my earliest memory, I remember my father waking me up and telling me that my baby brother was going to be arriving soon.  Pre ultra scan days.  He then took me for a banana split at Orchard Hotel, I think 🙂  Yes, I was all of nearly 3 years old and had a banana split in the middle of the night.  I did say I have the best Daddy in the world 🙂

Anyway, as my luck would have it, I didn’t have a baby brother *sigh of relief* we all know what kind of sister I’d be if I had a little brother, i.e. the horrid kind so I think it was for my benefit when God gave me my little sister.

Without whom, I would be an entirely different person, an entirely annoying person too :p  She probably doesn’t know this but she’s inspired me so much, especially in our adulthood.  She’s taught me to sing to my own tune and be proud of it.  More than that, she’s taught me that no matter how I screw up, I’ll always have her.  I just hope she knows she always has me too.  I love you, my dearest Charlie.  To my best friend and baby sister, Happy Birthday and may our days be filled with lots of love!!