My New Little Friend, Nicole

Little boys are cool but having been a little girl myself, I do have a soft spot for little girls and and and shopping for them has to be so much more fun.  The way I spend time in stores for kids clothing, you’d think I’m a Mum but I’m not … not yet anyway 😉  Right now I’m the lucky Godmum to a lovely 3month old sweetie, Rachel who I bet will get loads of dresses from me … among other things :p

Today’s post though is about my new little friend, Nicole.  At nearly 4 years old, this little angel sure has an attitude you can’t help but fall in love with.  It helps that she wants to spend time with me too 🙂

Isn’t she such a cutie?  Her Dad is the adventurous meat-tarian who went vegan one night in Santa Monica.  She goes to school, albeit very reluctantly in our office building, so I’ve be really lucky to have hung out with her a couple of times  and now we’re firm friends … at least I’d like to believe so.

The plan is for her to be comfortable enough with me so that Dad and Mum can have a date night while she spends time with me 🙂  If we’re feeling particularly adventurous, we might even make it a slumber party.  Bet Dad and Mum would love that 😉  So Nicole, when’s our next lunch date?

Till then, who else is in need of a baby sitter?