Coogee Beach, Perth

The other thing you do when the temperatures get too high in Perth is head to the beach 🙂  The whole time I was in Perth, I never ventured to Coogee beach but since my parents’ new home is much closer to it than my old fave, Mullaloo, that’s where we headed to today. And I’m so glad we did.  It’s a pretty little spot with the right amount of crowds and waves.

It was simply a gorgeous gorgeous day, perfect for being at the beach.  Except if you’re my vampire loving sister who if you look at carefully sparkles in the sun too 😉  So she hung out in the shade with my Mummy at the beach cafe.  While my Daddy and I enjoyed a walk along the pier 🙂

This is what I miss most about Perth, a beautiful summer day spent on the beach, doing nothing mostly 😛  I can’t wait for my next trip already.  Thank you Daddy and Mummy for a FANTASTIC time!!!  Love you both HEAPS!!!!