Summer has definitely started in Perth.  The hottest I’ve ever had to experience while I was living here was 43degrees and that was no joke, not at all.  However, my cousin and I had a way to deal with hot summer days, we’d hang out at the mall and catch a movie in the afternoon.  So that’s what my family did today when the mercury hit 37 🙂

My Mummy had to accompany my Twilight crazed sister to watch New Moon AGAIN!!!  While my Daddy and me caught Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 🙂

In 3D Stereoscopic no less 🙂  It was a fun movie and my favourite scene was the one when ice cream fell from the sky.  That would really be a dream of mine.  This is a movie where the 3D technology worked, creating a visual palette that was somewhat magical.  That to me is why I watch movies, to be brought into a world completely different from mine for a couple of hours.  So yes, I’m glad they’ve finally figured out how to use the whole 3D thing and it works without giving you a headache :p

Now I’m CANNOT wait for Avatar.  If anyone needs company, I’m all up for it 😉