New Moon

Sorry, Cherry, Gerie and Claire, I’ve caught New Moon today but we all know, my husband is going back home to Vancouver for a long 7weeks visit so I’m up for a screening with you guys too 🙂  Meanwhile, this is why I wanted to watch the movie:-

The visual effects of Jacob turning into a wolf was completely worth it and I’m a complete Team Werewolf now.  Yep yep yep, the vampire boy ain’t quite my thing, I’m an animal loving girl who is playing for Team Werewolf but we all already know who she ends up with in book4 … or do we?

Anyway, I can see why there are million of girls and women alike who are into this movie franchise.  A couple of cheesy lines aside, who can resist forbidden love.  We all know what’s it like to fall in love with someone you can’t have or at the very least fantasied about it.  Put that together with a love triangle.  Hell, it’s a timeless formula that has worked.   A completely sweet and handsome vampire on one side and a hot, very hot and equally sweet werewolf on the other.  I completely feel her pain.

That said, I don’t think I can watch this movie again.  So when my sister goes for it again with my husband who missed out on it today coz he was working at home, I’m hoping to catch The Invention of Lying.

18 thoughts on “New Moon

  1. keke 🙂 so M, what team are you rooting for? Coz I think Claire and I are in opposing ones now 😉

  2. Oh no! in a spot with tipping vote …

    Diplomatic option would be Team Bella but I honestly can’t stand her sour puss face and cross eyed expresions.
    However, she does have the pick of either.. so

    Final Answer: Team Bella [ minus the ugly flannel shirt ]

    Ask Char and the rest to vote now too!!

  3. Alright, everyone heard M loud and clear. What’s your vote? Which team are you batting for?

    Lainey, you are so vampire chick if I ever met one 🙂

  4. Dun take this personally, i do think Wolf-boy Jacob is hotrod plus sweetness……however oh my, blood loving pale-faced Edward is tooooooo damn hot for his own good! (based on twilight only since I have not seen full moon)
    Yeah, what a lucky b*%$# Bella is but M, I do so like her looks! Anyhoos, it’s Team Edward for moi! 🙂 And I can bet my life that Cherie is Team Edward too. Geri may go for the under-dog……get it…hahaha……pun intended. 🙂

  5. LOLgastic @ under dog pun intended joke from Claire!

    So cheesy …. and I can’t believe after all these years I still laugh at your corny lines!

  6. Dear M, aaawwwww…….glad to know you’re still my no.1 fan!!!!!! 🙂

    Geri, Geri, over, Geri, earth calling Geri….???……

  7. Alamak! I haven’t even watched the 1st movie or read the book yet!!! So cannot vote until I see the show ya. But ask me about anything Cbeebies and I can answer in a flash.

    LOL So in conclusion…gerie’s no bloody help! Oh, but I do think that the girls in this series all look damn sour puss.

  8. After 10 years, I believe this is the first time Geri has ever agreed with me on something – and its so random too – kudos to sour puss faces.

  9. I read the 4 books in the Twilight series in 5 days. And when that was done, i re-read it again!

    And since then i’ve read various other vamp series. I really wonder how my baby boy is going to turn out. Maybe he’ll want blood instead of milk.

    Yes, yes, i’m having a boy.

  10. Congrats Lainey!!!

    Well, M if you were back you could join us as we diss Miss Sour Puss Face this Saturday. Stay tune for my post on that 🙂

  11. OK, it’s official. It’s team wolf boy for me. The vampire was too think & pasty for me. And I have concluded, Bella is an annoying sour puss! They could at least picked someone hotter.

    Here’s to the sour puss face M! LOL

  12. Alright, alright, so team jakey’s in the lead and even Miss Choo has abandoned me and gone all furry. Ok I concede wolfy boy was rather hot in new moon, but edward was smouldering in twilight. Guess he was even more pasty cus he was far away from sour-puss…..aaaw that poor thing. Oh M, if you had gone to the movie with us, i bet the guard would have thrown us out from all that noise you…er…we would have made. 🙂

    ps: to carl’s friend lainey, congrats on having another man in the house. boys are great! 🙂

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