Anime Festival Asia

I’m back home and getting into the swing of things.  Am all ready for work tomorrow?  Not quite but strangely, I don’t feel like not going to work 🙂  Today though was a day filled with the usual Sunday stuff and the Anime Festival Asia.  It’s kinda like the Tokyo Anime Fair but way smaller.  It was Cosplay galore … kinda like Harajuku decided to wake up in Singapore.

I actually learnt how big Cosplay is in Singapore some 8 years ago, when an animator who I worked with was completely into it.  By day, she was a quiet animator who hardly made a peep.  By night, she could be a possibility of any manga character you can think off.

I will not criticize, lest I have my own children who find themselves enthralled with the world of cosplay :p  While I personally don’t enjoy the dressing up, I was completely enthralled with the potential of toy acquisition.

It didn’t take me long to set my eyes on what I wanted.

Having just returned from Aardman in Bristol and enjoying Mary and Max on the plane, I was excited about Domo Kun.  A little Japanese stop motion character.  No one quite knows where he is from or what he is but he sure is one cutie 🙂  So I decided a little Domo is what I’ll let myself have today.

And no sooner were we home, did he start creating havoc 🙂

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