Last Lunch in Santa Monica

I’m so glad that I managed to squeeze in time to catch up with some friends.  Saturday had a slight chance for a couple of work meetings but thankfully the people who wanted to meet us, wanted their Saturdays more 🙂  So I had a chance to have lunch at the Border Grill and an extremely pleasant walk along the pier with some of the nicest people in the business.  And in this business, it’s pretty impossible to find :p

It was a glorious day, probably the best weather we had in LA.  The sun was out, the wind was blowing gently and the conversations were inspiring 🙂  LA is truly growing on me and the pier … while I’ve always enjoyed it, had something alluring about it today.

So it’s probably the only time I’ve thought this but yes, I’ll miss LA.  In a good kind of missing too 🙂  Who knows how the wind will blow?  Till then, I’ll have memories, good ones, to hold on to.  So thank you LA for being smog free, filled with yummy dessert, fantastic weather and wonderful company.

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