Hello From Bristol

And just like that, I’m in Bristol.  Thankfully I had a lovely Saturday afternoon in LA or I’d be pretty bummed about spending most of my weekend on the plane.  My friend had told me that I should look out the window sometime during the flight.  Check out Greenland, which we’d be flying over but to those who know me well, like my husband and my sister, they would know that I’d probably miss it all because I was sleeping.

And asleep, I was for most part of the 9 over hours flight.  I did manage to catch one movie though, Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen.  Yes, I am watching it for the 4th time now and on the small screen, it is still as good as it was on big screen 🙂  The robots were still as sexy as ever 🙂

After 9 over hours, I find myself, not quite home yet but in the Heathrow airport.  While we landed in infamous Terminal 5, we had to find our way to Terminal 3, to join the other party of our Bristol trip.  I have to say, Terminal 5 was nothing like its reputation.  So maybe they’ve cleaned up their act and there’s nothing to worry about arriving through Terminal 5 anymore 🙂

With the sun setting earlier in preparation for winter, it was already dark when we stepped out of the airport.  The air much more chilly than in LA.  Thankfully, I had my winter jacket, which I promptly threw on.  Even though, we were just walking into a waiting car.  I even had the jacket on the whole one and a half hours drive into Bristol.

After 2 weeks in America where everything is up sized, I’m trying to get use to my room in Europe.  Yes, my room in The Bristol Hotel is smaller but very cozy.  This, for the next 4 days, will be home.

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